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Atacama 79 Watt Foldable Solar Panel by Flexopower

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Read the field test report by Chris Cordes, feature editor Overland Journal 


The Atacama-79 solar panel combines US thin film technology and proven durability in the African wilderness. First comment users make is how small and compact the panel folds up to. Easy to stow away in any vehicle. Yet very powerful. 

  • Foldable thin film solar panel
  • Glass free, virtually unbreakable
  • Very compact when folded, book size
  • Continues to deliver power when perforated
  • Best performance in overcast and rainy skies
  • Better performance at non-ideal angle of incidence
  • Amorphous Silicon, triple junction cell architecture
  • MIL spec
  • 2 years warranty on manufacturing

The solar cells of the Atacama-79 absorb more of the blue light spectrum than any other technology, coupled with the lowest temperature coefficient in the market, the Atacama-79 delivers up to 20% more power during a time period than similar glass/crystalline solar panels(Ruther et al). Therefore, the performance of the Atacama-79 should be compared to 95W glass/crystalline panels.

Application Man Portable
Strategy Multi Purpose
Content Panel Only
Rated Output, STC 79 Watt
Max Operating Voltage 19.2 V
Operating Current 4.1 A
Dimension Folded 11 x 16 x 1.6 in
Dimension Deployed 65 x 31 x 0.04 in
Weight 6.2 lbs


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