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12V Solar Battery Box Karoo by Flexopower

The 12V Solar battery box Karoo by Flexopower (does not include battery) is a portable energy storage unit delivering 5V USB and 12V DC with an integrated IP68 rated solar charge controller.

Designed according to the "solar to load first" principle, it feeds solar energy directly to the load such as fridge or laptop, bypassing the battery. Any surplus power then charges the battery, preventing 15% loss of solar power in the battery, as well as extending the batteries service life . The power output switches automatically during sun set, sun rise and passing clouds.

No other battery box in the market offers this level of energy efficiency.

Run your DC powered appliances such as fridges and lights from 2 x 12V Cigarette lighter adapter ports. Charge smart phones and electronics from 2 x 5V USB ports.

A dual-use Anderson red SB50 connector allows the user

1) to charge the battery from an AC battery charger or a dual battery system (input)


2) to connect an inverter to deliver AC (output).

Inline fused.

LCD battery voltage display.

Type 12V Solar Karoo Battery box for lead acid battery types, max. 120Ah
Input (nominal) 1 x Anderson SB50 grey 12V DC, max. 14A from solar PV
1 x Anderson SB50 red from AC battery charger, max. 30A
Output  2 x CLA 12V, max 14A
2 x USB 5V, max. 2.1A
1 x SB50 red 12V, max. 30A
Reverse Polarity  Inline fuse
Outer dimensions  LxWxH 17.5 x 9.4 x 10.3 in
Inner dimensions  LxWxH 15.2 x 7.1 x 8.9 in
Weight 4 lbs
Solar Charge Control
Max. charge current 14A
Max. load current 14A
Float Charge 13.8V (25°C)
Main Charge 14.4V (25°C), 0.5h daily
Boost Charge 14.4V (25°C), 2h, activation battery voltage <12.3V
Max. PV Module Voltage 30V
Cigarette Lighter Sockets  2 x CLA @ 12V, max 10A
USB 2 x USB @ 5V, max. 2.1A
Anderson red, SB50 1 x SB50 red @ 12V, max. 30A




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