Atacama-79 preferred by experienced overlanding veterans

December 09, 2015

Hans & Elisabeth Swart from Belfast, Mpumalanga have more than 200 000 km of overlanding in Africa under their belts. Finally, they opted to go solar...

Mobile Solar Powered Office – Ekurhuleni Municipality

April 04, 2015

Flexopower has designed and fitted three Ekurhuleni Municipality vehicles with mobile solar powered offices...

Best Camping Solar Panel Solution: Getaway Magazine

January 23, 2015

Getaway Magazine recently tested a number of top portable rugged camping solar panel solutions fit for the wildest of the wild...

Samsung Africa launches solar-powered Internet schools

April 08, 2013

Technology giant Samsung Africa has geared itself to increase accessibility to education and...

Kalahari 162 Watt solar kit review

March 08, 2013

“When we first featured solar charging systems for 4x4s in 2008, the concept was still something of a novelty.”


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